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Custom Design Drying & Processing Equipment
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Custom Design Drying & Processing Equipment


Custom Designed Solid Adsorbent Process Gas and Liquid Dryers and Treaters to meet your unique requirements.

Packaged Skid Mounted Units completely assembled and tested at the factory. Our packaged dryers provide an efficient and cost effective solution to prepare your gas and liquid streams for further processing or marketing.

Over 45 years experience in process design, fabrication, operation, and service of Molecular Sieve, Activated Alumina and Activated Carbon Dryers & Treaters, plus Salt Bed Dryers for:

  • Natural Gas processing/distribution
  • Liquid Propane 
  • Process and Instrument Air
  • CO2 
  • Liquid Butane
  •  LPG
  • Hydrogen





Field proven performance, reliable operation and minimum maintenance requirements are features found on each Doyle Dryer Package.

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Doyle Dryers will take your unique specifications and custom design a
fully automated, skid mounted dryer system that will include all equipment, piping, valves, instruments and controls required for a complete packaged unit. You will only need to set the skid package on its foundation; install inlet and outlet process piping, reactivation gas, and utilities to place the unit in service.

We offer complete process and mechanical designs for customer review and approval:

  • ASME Code vessel design calculations and detailed vessel fabrication drawings with material of construction.
  • Skid assembly drawings showing equipment layout and location of customer connections.
  • Piping and Instrument Diagram with Process Design data.
  • Wiring and Control Diagrams.
  • Structural engineering calculations to meet earthquake, wind & snow loads plus other operating forces as required.

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Doyle Dryers provides specialized fabrication and assembly of equipment to meet industry standards plus the specific requirements of each Dryer Package:

  • Assembly of Dryer Package with tall Adsorber Vessels
    Assembly of Liquid Propane Dryer Package with tall Adsorber Vessels to insure proper fit up of all components before laying down vessels for shipment.
    Fabrication using certified welders with special emphasis placed on quality control.
  • Pressure vessel and piping welds tested during fabrication to meet the requirements of ASME Code, ANSI, API and AGA specifications.
  • Structural welding per uniform building code (UBC).
  • Surface preparation and painting per Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC) specification.
  • Piping with electric or steam heat tracing when required for freeze protection.
  • External thermal insulation in accordance with ASTM Specifications.
  • Controls and instruments installed to allow easy access and maintenance.
  • Electrical components, wiring, and conduit installed per National Electric Code and NEMA standards plus local codes and regulations.
  • Work with customers' expediting, inspection, and quality control departments to complete work accurately and efficiently.

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  • Carbon dioxide dryer
    Carbon Dioxide Dryer to produce dry CO2 for use in pressuring oil fields to enhance recovery.
    Doyle Dryers provide complete detailed operating instruction and parts list with each dryer package. This allows the majority of our customers to install, start-up, operate and trouble-shoot their dryer packages without any assistance.
  • Field service engineers are available to assist in start-up of new equipment or service existing equipment.
  • Inspection of old or outdated existing equipment at the jobsite to utilize usable items and design new piping, valves, and control systems as required.

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All dryer packages are thoroughly tested before they are shipped as follows:

  • Complete dryer package is pressurized and tested for leaks. All piping, flanges, fittings, valve packings, instrument lines and control air tubing are tested and adjusted as required.
  • Switching and control valves are operated to check process flow and valve operating sequence.
  • Instruments and electrical controls are energized to insure all unit operations are functioning properly.
  • Insulation and painting are checked for proper application and thickness.
Liquid Butene Dryer
Liquid Butene Dryer
Hydrocarbon Gas Dryer
Hydrocarbon Gas Dryer

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Oil Exploration
Petroleum Refining
Gas Processing
Utility Companies
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